Falla West: dinner parchment

February 19 from 2013 - 00: 00

On Saturday February 16 the Falla West He held its traditional dinner of Pergamino. One hundred falleros and falleras with smock and scarf gathered in the Azabache Restaurant to enjoy this event.

Presenters, Gema Català and Txusa Marcilla, called the first 2013 charges: Fallera Mayor Cristina Gutierrez, President Jose Miguel Morera, Fallera Mayor Infantil Infantil Marina Llorens and President Ivàn Molina. Then they called Antonio García, Bea Delgado, Angela Castillo and Hugo Martinez, 2012 charges for delivery of Pergaminos to the new charges.

Upon completion of this emotional ceremony, the music began to play late into the night. Thus the West Falla assumes begun the Fallas 2013.

Cavalquem per la festa!

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