Successes for the athletes of CA Baleària Diànium in the mountain races

13 2019 April - 00: 43

Athletes of CA Baleària Diànium have recently participated in mountain trials. In the race of Gran Fondo Peñas Albes Montitxelvo, Laurence Rastell was the best in Veteranas B, and 12 in the absolute classification, with a time of 1: 53.42, after traversing a 14.700 meter track with 727 of positive slope.

His club mate, Aïda Pérez, was the absolute winner in the Trail of the Ermites d'Olesa, a mountain race of 25 kilometers with 1.300 of positive slope. He crossed the finish line after 2: 42.54.

Another great representation of the Dianense club participated in the race Camí dels Bandolers, mountain race held in Senija in the modalities of 15 and 15 kilometers.

In the 25 kilometers participated Encarna Cardona was the best Veteran with a record of 3: 03.41. Elisa García performed a time of 3: 22.02. Jaume Santana ended up with an 3 brand: 22.07 and Marco Di Trana who finished the race with an 4 brand: 59.03.

In the race of 15 Km, Javi Llopis made a mark of 1: 20.53. Pep Ibáñez, 2: 02.44, Marina Marco, 2: 12.01 and Cristina Martí 2: 29.44.

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