Successful participation in the discussion on sexual diversity at UNED Dénia

19 June 2021 - 09: 15

The Associated Center Uned Dénia and the City Council of Dénia have hosted this Tuesday, June 15, the discussion "Sexual diversity in the municipality of Dénia", an activity that has also had the support of the City of Dénia.

In an act that has been enjoyed both in person in the Assembly Hall of the Uned Dénia, as well as online, it has had the presence of the Councilor for Equality and Diversity in the Dénia City Council, Javier Scotto, who has been in charge of starting said day, giving congratulations and thanks to all the work of professionals who have participated in the diagnosis that has been presented in this discussion. And it is that this work has wanted to reflect a photograph of the social situation of sexual diversity in Dénia, from where we are and even if there is training and education or not. It is, basically, a study-social diagnosis of sexual diversity that the UNED Dénia has carried out on behalf of the Dianense council.

The director of the Uned Dénia, Raquel Martí, has presented each of the people who were part of the table, which has been moderated by the Professor of Law of the UNED, María Esther Souto Galván and other speakers such as the researcher and tutor professor at the center, Jaume Tortosa, the the sociologist Andrés López Ciruelos and the sexologist, Vicente Bataller.

Likewise, Raquel Martí has ​​emphasized that “from the UNED Dénia center we have been collaborating, participating and working for the equality of all people. We are an institution that believes that it strives and that favors adherence to compliance with the declaration of human and human rights of 1948, recognizing and fighting for the equality of all people, in all areas and contexts. We firmly believe in people and equality as the basic principle of coexistence and tolerance to achieve a just and peaceful society ”.

  • Jaume Tortosa Amor Researcher and Professor Tutor UNED Dénia: "To understand language we have to work on diversity in its basic concepts by taking a photo of what is happening and looking at them. The main axis would be gender, it is a very complex concept, related with feeling, with social and cultural factors, it is ultimately a socio-cultural construct. The body is also important as a space for expression, it becomes an element of political struggle. In fact, we relate it to capacitism. "
  • Andrés López Ciruelos UNED Dénia Researcher and Sociologist: "Rigor is one of the characteristics of the work that has been carried out in this study prepared by the UNED Dénia, the qualitative method has been carried out. A study that has been carried out with 15 subjects and is sufficient to not creating, what is called, saturation due to the repetition of messages An election of people who occupy places with key positions to be able to study the answers as a result, I would highlight, the passive acceptance, and in the social plane the social rejection in public spaces ".
  • Vicent Bataller i Perelló Investigate the UNED Dénia diversifier and Sexologist: "Phobia is one of the concepts to take into account, cognitive elements, institutional phobias, -totally they can already marry-, Our study has given data such as 19,5 % show a positive change towards the LGTBI collective or that 61,5% do not know the acronym LGTBI; that 55,6% do not know that there are specific laws; that 23,1% believe that it is a taboo subject; that the 32% believe that there will be real equality as long as we live with decorum. We must continue to apply institutional policies. "
  • Javier Scotto, Councilor for Equality and Diversity: "The need to carry out public policies on equality and diversity is very much questioned, but this diagnosis justifies the work that we are developing from the City Council by carrying out campaigns, actions, training, education and All that is needed for social progress, this photograph was necessary. More than 90% have participated in jokes towards the LGTBI collective; 86% show qualms in expressing the affectivity of the LGTBI collective in public, there is a lot of work left They are important data to work with. "
    "With these data, the Dénia City Council has a tool to prepare the first municipal diversity plan of the Dénia City Council, being the month of July when the first is approved in the entire province of Alicante".

The work carried out by the Associated Center of the UNED of Dénia has been several months to be able to do it with all the rigor and supported by different professionals who belong to the UNED.
Those people who have not been able to follow it in person or live online, may do so deferred.

All information about the training and activities of UNED DENIA can be obtained at the Dénia Secretariat, Xàbia and Benidorm in person by appointment, on our website: www.uneddenia.es and / or by writing to info@denia.uned.es (Dénia), info@benidorm.uned.es (Benidorm) and info @ javea. uned.es (Xàbia). The phones 965781754 (Dénia), 965858226 (Benidorm) and 669841642 (Xàbia).

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  1. cpino44@gmail.com says:

    Lectures on sexuality. Always directed on the subject of homosexuals and lesbians, and their fears and persecutions. About what ?. But if they are in the governments, specifically in the one we now have there are several ministers, on television networks at the tip of the shovel. A ministry of their own and hundreds and hundreds of millions for them and their beach bars. No more victimhood ..