Excellent performance of Club Dénia Triatló in the 'La Mar de Dénia Crossing'

11 September 2018 - 06: 56

La Marineta Beach Casiana was the scene of the La Mar Crossing of Dénia, last test of the “VI Circuit d'Aigües Obertes of the Marina Alta”. Under a leaden sky and the sea something moved the participants in this test that organized the Aqualia Dénia Sports Center threw themselves into the water.

The first to leave water was the swimmer, Alberto López after swimming for 19 minutes and 43 seconds. This man of the CD UPV Natació clearly dominated the test. The second swimmer was the 50 Master, Manuel Farraona with a time of 20: 34. The third place was for Antoni Guardiola, of Sub category 23, who finished the test in a time of 21: 04.

In women the best was Maite Bañuls, swimmer Master 30, belonging to the Ondara Swimming Club, who made a mark of 22: 17. Sandra Ortolá, swimmer Sub 23 of the CN Adrenalin Sport that used a time of 22: 56, was the second of the absolute classification. The third, to get out of the water was Alicia Ferrer, of the Viperfish NP, who made a mark of 23: 31.

To highlight the performance of María Bisquert, Club Dénia Triatló that rose to the podium as third in the Master 30 category. Elisa García, companion of club of Bisquert rose to the third position of the drawer in the Master category 40. And we must congratulate Ana Terencio and Quique Romany of Club Dénia Triatló who were the best in Master Plus.

Club Dénia Triatló was second in the circuit

After the five tests carried out, the second position obtained by the swimmers of Club Dénia Triatló, who in the classification by clubs of the Circuit have finished in the second position with a total of 2698 points, stand out. The champion was the Club Natació Ondara with 2731 points. The podium was completed with the third place of Club Natació Benissa with 2588 points.

Classification Finals of the Circuit

Female Absolute

ª 1 Maite Bañuls
ª 2 Sandra Ortolá
ª 3 María Bisquert

Male Absolute

1 º Antoni Guardiola
2 º Manuel Farraona
3 º Joan Sendra

Junior Male

1 º Joan Sendra
2 º Andreu Gallego

23 Sub Female

ª 1 Sandra Ortolá

Sub Male 23

1 º Antoni Guardiola
2 º Alejandro Ferrer
3 º Carlos Sendra

Senior women

ª 1 Cristina Pulido
ª 2 Esther Moreno
ª 3 Sara Soler

Senior male

1 º Alejandro López
2 º Jorge Alfaro
3 º César Justiniano

Master 30 Female

ª 1 Maite Bañuls
ª 2 María Bisquert
ª 3 Isabel Rodenas

Master Male 30

1 º Ricardo Esteve
2 º Álvaro De María-Tomé
3 º José Luis Aguado

Master 40 Female

ª 1 Mónica Cardete
ª 2 Pepa Siscar
ª 3 Nuria Arbona

Master Male 40

1 º Raúl Martí
2 º David Escrivá
3 º Enrique Segarra

Master 50 Female

ª 1 Maxine McKinnon
ª 2 Louise Ambler
ª 3 Manuela Ruz

Master Male 50

1 º Manuel Farraona
2 º Juan Ignacio Oltra
3 º Luis Terrades

Female Master Plus

ª 1 Ana Terencio

Master Plus Male

1 º Joan Medina
2 º Ricardo Lozano
3 º José Ivars

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