Euphoria in La Via de Dénia to say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023

January 02 from 2023 - 09: 56

Another New Year's Eve in Dénia, but not one more. The one for 2022-2023 is special for three main reasons: the new normality of the celebration, its location and its successful midday concert.

Review, month by month, of the great events of 2022 in Dénia

For the first time in years, the party organized by the Dénia City Council to say goodbye to the year was not held in Glorieta of the Valencian Country. The works in the area have made it necessary to look for a new location, ending up on La Via street, the usual scene of so many outstanding events in the city, which serves both to represent the Miracle of the Fog at the festivals of Moors and Christians as to celebrate the gala of the Day of the Fallero. And now also to say goodbye to the year. We do not know if it will be a location that has come to stay or in the new Glorieta this type of celebration will still have room.

What we do hope will remain forever is the normality with which 2022 has been said goodbye. The pandemic no longer marks our lives as it did a few months ago. We park the masks, as well as social distance, curfews and other restrictions. This New Year's Eve was like all the ones we met in the pre-pandemic era, a party with which to hug each other again without fear after the twelfth bell.

Finally, this year we have been able to experience the party twice. As if it were compensation for these years of extreme care, at noon it was possible to enjoy a concert in the same location so as not to wait until midnight to start the celebration. A very grateful show that attracted many people by having an excuse to get together early.

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