These are the measures that must be met to visit the cemetery in Tots Sants

21 October 2020 - 10: 08

Next Sunday, November 1, the day of Tots Sants is celebrated and, assuming the usual large influx that the cemetery has that day, the City Council has prepared a comprehensive device to prevent possible infections.

To access the cemetery, it will be mandatory to wear a mask, keep interpersonal safety distance and disinfect hands with hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and before collecting utensils. In addition, it is recommended to bring the bouquet of flowers already prepared, use only the time strictly necessary to place it and go directly to the desired place, and not hinder the movement of other people.

In addition, the town hall has prepared 5 collection points for material: stairs, showers, brooms ... It is mandatory to return the tools to the same place after each day so that they can be disinfected. Staff and signage will also be assigned to facilitate compliance with security measures.

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