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These are the themes chosen by the fall commissions and the order for the parade of floats

15 July 2017 - 07: 00

This afternoon, from 19: 00 hours, the streets of the center of Dénia will welcome the expected parade of floats and comparsas created by the failures Of Denia, a festival declared of Provincial Tourist Interest.

The parade will start with the Agrupació Artistic Musical of Denia. The first carriage will be the one of Carla Vinaroz, major fallera child of Dénia, that will parade next to the components of its court of honor. After her, will do the same Melani Ivars, Fallera Mayor of Denia, next to its companions of court.

The next float will be the Local Guest Boards, among which will be representatives of Burriana, Torrente, Sagunto, Xàtiva and the Queens of the Fiesta de la Magdalena de Castellón. This part of the parade will close the carriage of the Belleas of the Foc of Alicante, who will participate in this parade next to the children's ladies.

Then the parade of the eleven commissions falleras of the city will begin. All of them have made a large carriage, and only two, Baix la Mar and Saladar, will also parade with a children's carriage. They will do this in this order and with these themes:

Falla Port Rotes

  • Child's Comparsa: Els Mini Guerrers
  • Big Comparsa: The corn of the Regne
  • Float: Port Rotes la Conqueridora
  • Charanga: XE Fort

Paris Falla Pedrera

  • Child's Comparsa: Rainbow Masskara
  • Big Comparsa: Masskara dace more colors
  • Float: Masskara Festival
  • Charanga: Ondarattack

Diana fails

  • Child's Comparsa: The dance of the sun
  • Big Comparsa: The awakening of the Phoenix
  • Float: L'amanèixer of the Phoenix

Falla Baix la Mar

  • Child's Comparsa: Les Aus Royals
  • Child carriage: Animalia
  • Big Comparsa: Colors d'Asia
  • Float: Asia

Falla Camp Roig

  • Float: Moulin Rouge

Darrere Falla del Castell

  • Big Comparsa: Civilització Azteca
  • Float: The Món Azteca
  • Charanga: Batukada El Verger

Falla Les Roques

  • Child's Comparsa: Fashion Wey!
  • Big Comparsa: Fashion Wey!
  • Float: Mèxic a tot color

Falla Center

  • Child's Comparsa: Party to the Galaxy
  • Big Comparsa: Les Galàctiques
  • Float: Guardians of the Galaxy

Falla Campaments

  • Child's Comparsa: Korobushka
  • Big Comparsa: Kalinka
  • Float: Obrint Matrioskes
  • Charanga: Toca't Un Ou

Falla West

  • Big Comparsa: Masked ball
  • Float: The Ball dels Vampirs "Dràcula"
  • Charanga: cachorras Band

Falla Saladar

  • Child's Comparsa: A nit, a monstre baix del llit
  • Child carriage: Bu!
  • Big Comparsa: Possem-li gel a l'estiu
  • Float: -52

To close the parade, as usual, we will be able to see the members of the Feast Commission of the Mare de Déu dels Desemparats. After them, to the Castellano-Manchega Al-Manchara Cultural Association and the House of Andalusia, and finally, parade of the Fifth 2017 carriage.

At the passage of the floats for the second time by the tribune of authorities, the delivery of the pennants with the prizes of this year will take place.

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