"We are in a health pandemic that can lead us to a pandemic of inequality"

February 25 from 2021 - 13: 06

The Councilor for Equality of the City of Dénia, Javier Scotto, has presented this morning what will be the 8M agenda this year. In his appearance, he has taken the opportunity to show his concern for the situation of women in the current health crisis.

Ha no shut up will be the slogan of this year's Women's Day program, which is accompanied by a poster created by the artist Tardor with which they seek to make visible the inequality of women in society.

With that cry that forms the Ha no shut up, the council wants "raise real and effective equality". Along these lines, Scotto has pointed out that "It is time to return to that fight for equality in women's rights", since still "machismo persists in our society".

The councilor blames much of this persistence on the current health situation. "The pandemic is erasing years of progress and independence for women, returning to parameters of the wage gap and to access a job", Scotto has indicated, ensuring that exposure to the coronavirus must also be understood from a gender perspective. "We are in a health pandemic that can lead us to a pandemic of inequality", has highlighted.

According to the mayor, women are very present in social health jobs and in other sectors that require greater exposure to COVID-19. In addition, he stresses that he is assuming a greater workload, to which are added more housework, as well as caring for the elderly and the sick.

Therefore, the City Council has wanted to take advantage of the next 8M to "fight the virus and also the risk of inequality", with a schedule that highlights the low presence in their acts due to the health situation, most of them being developed online through social networks.

  1. Marina says:

    That the current situation is favoring inequality with women? LOL. How to try to fit two themes that have nothing to do with it to look good with the gallery. I am a woman and access to work was already bad before the Pandemic. With or without 8M demonstrations that are useless. They do a disservice with posturing and discriminatory attitudes like this one. Universities are full of women and men training for a non-existent job market, for companies anchored in the past and in a country unable to value the added value of professional work. That's the problem.

    • Omniway says:

      I very much agree with you. What a posture. It is nothing more than rummaging through the miseries to feed the non-existent reason for maintaining departments that are not of much use. What a photo Mr. Scotto has taken.
      Do citizens really do not realize the true intentions of those who seek trouble where there is none?
      They are not other than justifying councils and ministries that are to increase spending and take advantage of more people and that do not solve anything. They only create more social spending at the expense of our taxes that are increasingly higher because of these rulers who spend more and more.
      What I do not agree with you is that it seems that you blame companies "anchored in the past" and a country unable to value professional work.
      This professional work is not valued in public administrations, it is even penalized because no boss likes that his subordinates are better than them and if so, they get rid of them (with public money, of course) In private companies of course it is valued and sought. It is the basis of business.
      And about the companies anchored in the past, .. That if it exists, they are not companies, they are old family businesses or small freelancers on the verge of extinction.
      A true company cannot be anchored in the past because the competition does not allow it. What happens is that with the conditions under which the laws oblige companies to interact with workers, it is not that it is very desirable as an employer to acquire such high commitments. It doesn't feel like it. In addition to the fact that various taxes and pressures make the Spanish business fabric very difficult to sustain.
      We are governed by people who the majority have never worked, those who have, have worked little in the private sector and of course, almost none have had a company.