This week awarded temporary facilities Dénia beaches for the next 4 years

May 21 from 2012 - 00: 00

Finally, and after the opening last week of the envelope with the economic proposals that opt ​​for the temporary facilities of the beaches from Dénia, a total of 40 offers have been presented for the 17 available facilities: 6 lots of kiosk with hammocks and umbrellas, 7 lots of hammocks and umbrellas, 3 lots of skates and 1 of jet skis.

In this new specification, and with the intention to improve the image of our beaches with a more modern and avant-garde design, new formats bars that are no longer round and wooden become cubes of galvanized steel blue hues are proposed of 20 square meters. Chairs and umbrellas also change their design and be of steel or aluminum and light fabrics.

The temporary facilities will extend from the Marineta Beach Cassiana to Bahía Azul, where the last kiosk will be located to later make way for the surfing and kite surfing areas. Les RotesDue to the characteristics of the beach, it will not have facilities of this type.

1 Comment
  1. Mamen says:

    Modern? Vanguardistas? Jajajajajajaja ....... !!!!!!! I delivery and mondo !!! That in my village is called Barracon !!! It's the most unsightly I've seen in my life, we, as a kick in the balls !!!!! Pepita remove fetuses that Malays our beaches! At this rate they will have to come and flies, you have loaded it all. If you do not want to come sightseeing certainly going in the right direction.
    Thank heaven that due to the characteristics of Las Rotas beach you cannot plant one of these “tripe”… ..
    Anyway ... I can only say that once again have done GREAT shit and you come back cover of glory.

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