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This morning it is time to change the time: we move to summer time

28 March 2020 - 11: 51

This morning from Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 March, and after 15 days of the declaration of the state of alarm, we have to turn the hands of the clocks to advance them 1 hour. This time, we go to daylight saving time in exceptional circumstances, the sleep time that this change subtracts, may affect us differently in the confinement situation.

At 2 in the morning they become 3, a change that has been carried out for years in order to have energy savings, since according to experts, we gained an hour of light. A habit that is in the air its final elimination.

Last 2019 it was reported that Spain had six months to choose between winter or summer time and decide it before April 2020 will start to put it into effect from 2021. A decision, that in the face of the health crisis that we are living, it remains pending.

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