Esquerra Unida elects its new coordinator and regional political council

11 March 2016 - 00: 00

On Saturday February 27, the regional group of Esquerra united held the regional assembly in which the new regional political council was elected unanimously. This new council is made up of five people "that combine youth with experience and that contains both genders", According to reports from the community itself.

The new regional coordinator of the training will be MªJosé Gomez, who will be accompanied by MªJosé Juárez, secretary of social movements; Jovana Balaguer organizing secretary; Àlex Minyana communications secretary; and Manolo Mateo press secretary.

As decided at the previous regional assembly, Denia, Ondara-Rectoria and Calp, regrouped in a single collective regional, with the aim of giving greater effect to the claims affecting the region, but without losing the proximity to the peoples.

The new regional political council of Esquerra Unida affirms that begins walking "With an open hand to any anti-capitalist, feminist, environmentalist, republican, federalist organization, and that are committed to institutional rupture, whether or not they are in the town halls to form a counterpower that gives greater visibility to the claims that unite us."

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