Esperanza Cheli and Paloma Grua, captains of the Moors and Christians of Dénia 2019

August 17 from 2018 - 01: 40

Parties Moors and Christians of 2019 already have their own names: Esperanza Cheli, of the filà Almogàvers, and Paloma Grua, from the filà Barbary Pirates, will be the captains of the new year.

Their names were announced during the afternoon of 16 in August, the last day of festivities, and both received the congratulations of the festive world before the new and exciting challenge they lead.

Esperanza Cheli will be accompanied by Marta Gascó as flag bearer, while Paloma Grua will have Marcos Ferrer as flag bearer and Miguel Ángel Fullana as ambassador of the Moorish side.

Primers Tró 2019

The names of those who will be in charge of the festivities during the next year were also announced. All the filaes, except one, announced their primers tró.

José Ronda, new Mayoral Mayor

Also the Brotherhood of Mayorals of Sant Roc announced the name of the new Mayoral Mayor, position that this year falls to José Ronda, thus taking over from Álvaro García.

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