Professional vegan nail polishes from The Manicure Company in Doré

November 13 from 2019 - 10: 02

En Golden You have the best aesthetic and hairdressing products, professional brands that are not easily found. Do you want a nail polish with an impressive finish while respecting your thinking? Discover the brand of vegan enamels The Manicure Company. Keep reading!

The Manicure Company brand enamels are formulated with the highest quality standards, manufactured in the European Union and designed for the professional environment. You will have soft, strong and beautiful nails. You can choose between more than 150 colors Awesome, with rich pigments. They are easily applied, self-leveling and last a minimum of 14 days.

Do you want a nail with a professional finish and respectful with your way of thinking? Now you can find these wonderful enamels in Doré. They are on Patricio Ferrándiz 1 street, and they will assist you on the 966421353 phone.

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