Sculptures that defy the sea and, this year, COVID-19

August 06 from 2020 - 10: 36

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, the Councilor for Culture of the Dénia City Council, Raúl David García, the director of Marina de Denia, Gabriel Martínez and the sculptor Toni Marí presented this morning the II edition of the exhibition Sculptures facing the sea. "I thank the city council, the artists, the jury and Mala-Mala for their involvement in this project, which, despite everything, we have managed to carry forward and that reflects the bravery of artists in difficult times", said Gabriel Martínez.

The exhibition, which can be seen at the Ribera Dock of the Marina and Tourist Port of Dénia, will run until the end of September. "In this edition, the catalog with the explanation of the works, can be downloaded through a QR code, so that all visitors will be able to know the meaning of the sculptures", Martinez pointed.

For his part, the curator of the exhibition, Toni Marí, wanted to thank the support of the City Council of Dénia and the Marina of Dénia. "Art has to continue, it cannot stop, and thanks to initiatives like this, artists continue to show their work".

Eight artists have participated in the exhibition: Miguel Ángel Miguel, María Eugenia Vázquez-Gundin, Salvador Mollà, Andrés Escrivá, Juan Caravaca, Tomás Sivera, José Antonio Ahuir.

The members of the jury, Modesto Marí and Nicolás Merle, also participated in the press conference. "The artists who have participated have paid tribute to the Mediterranean culture and have highlighted the quality of the maritime environment that we have," said Nicolás Merle. In this sense, Modesto Marí has ​​commented that “Despite the covid-19, we have managed to mount the exhibition, so we must continue to make it a benchmark in art and culture”.

The mayor of Dénia has concluded the press conference thanking Marina de Dénia for getting involved in these projects “I congratulate Marina de Dénia for betting on the promotion of Mediterranean art and culture, and offering artists a space in which their works look great. From the city of Dénia we will continue promoting these initiatives. This edition has taught us that it is time to look ahead and this is demonstrated by the sculptors of this exhibition with their works. ”

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  1. Marie-Louise Kersbergen says:

    In the list of names of the artists I am missing: Marie-Louise Kersbergen. My installation "Devastated Nature" is the pelican's emergency call not to destroy nature. The pelican is the most compassionate of birds. With the destruction of the forest we will destroy nature and ourselves. All ways of clarifying this must be used to change human behavior. As a visual artist, I made this installation of «objets trouvés» as a statement to contribute to this objective.