Huge sculptures of steel and copper take over the port of Dénia: what are these monuments of Juan Méjica?

06 2022 April - 14: 25

Until July 3, the monumental sculptures of the Asturian Juan Méjica fill the space of the Cervantes esplanade, in the port of Dénia.

It is about some moles of steel and copper, seven in total, that show a very Spanish and Asturian iconography, according to what Mexico explained. They have a height close to 4 meters and weigh up to 5 tons.

The title of the works gives us clues as to the inspiration for the exhibition: Iberian horse, Great Spanish bull, Tree totem (tribute to the yew, a magical and totemic tree in Asturian lands), Asturcón horse, Head totem, Solar woman and Sandy boat. Pieces designed to be contemplated, but also, according to the artist's wishes, "to be touched and that the children, if they want, can climb up and enjoy".

The itinerant exhibition of monumental sculptures by Juan Méjica has been traveling uninterruptedly for 12 years and Dénia is the 51st city to which it arrives.

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