Find in Dénia the hookah you are looking for in Estanco nº10

23 September 2020 - 10: 10

Watertight nº10 It offers you a wide variety of hookahs so you can choose and enter this world, increasingly specialized and with many models and all kinds of accessories. Here are photos with some examples of what you can take home.

The smoke that is inhaled is very different from that emitted by tobacco cigarettes. The choice of a hookah will depend on your budget and also on your aesthetic tastes, because there are countless designs, which people also use as decoration at home. You also have to decide between different arrangements and accessories, the water pipe that suits what you want, and choose extra options such as number of mouthpieces, bowl model, tobacco flavors and type of stones and charcoal for smoking.

If you want a hookah, stop by Estanco nº10. They are on the avenue of It montgó, 14. You can also contact them on the phone 965 78 01 06.

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