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In January they begin the improvement works on sidewalks and pavement Marques de Campo

November 17 from 2015 - 12: 00

The recently created Marqués de Campo Neighborhood Association has held this week the first meeting with the government team to discuss an important issue for all of them: the beginning of the street improvement works.

On Monday they met with the mayor, Vicent Grimalt, The councilor of Planning and Urban Quality, Maria Josep Ripoll and the Councilor of Commerce and downtown district, Eva Round, Who informed them of the planned actions to eliminate adhesion problems sidewalks and agree on a timetable for the start of construction.

The mayor and the councilors at the meeting with the residents of Marqués de Campo

The municipality plans to carve the marble paving sidewalks to give it a better grip, a job that will take place in the 1.900 square meters of pavement, working with an abrasive saw that leave the rough surface without risk of slipping for pedestrians .

It was also reported that the city intends to take to improve the central cobbled street parallel to the fitting of sidewalks.

The neighbors requested that these works begin in January to avoid causing problems during the Christmas season.

Marqués de Campo neighbors at the meeting with the mayor

  1. Olga says:

    It seems that no matter the program and ideology represented by the various municipal teams. In the end, all focus on what's seen. And that seems to be the central areas of cities. In addition to Marqués de Campo, they have thought about doing a review of the rest of the town streets? Pasense, down the street Llavador -for example- and if they do nothing, you do not deserve to hold the positions they hold.
    What a pity……

  2. Pigeon says:

    But hey! Last year said he had applied treatment with the same purpose -Avoid landslides - and that the company gave a guarantee of 10 years! And now something else is not that throwing money? Who pays this new proposal also citizens? If it does not meet the expectation fact would not have to claim a shower company? Or it is that each government team has to do something in M ​​Field to hang the medal?
    Denia has many more streets in dire need of performances !!

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