In Emòtica, “The art of taking care of yourself”

29 December 2011 - 14: 06

Saturday December 17 had the pleasure to present "The Art of Pamper".
In collaboration with the Center Emotica (espai welfare), where psychological counseling, Pilates classes, parenting workshops, among others are performed; It has emerged a new initiative: "A New Year, A New Opportunity", what? caring aspects of life that we are usually indifferent and thus prove that you can live otherwise.

It based on our work and personal experience, we believe that care is really an art and you have to put consciousness in every step we take. Overall, the pace of life so hectic that characterizes this consumerist society today devoid of values, we have forgotten that we are a physical, mental and emotional body; and we do not operate without power. The quality of this energy depends on the food we eat; but we feed not only food but also the air we breathe, our daily habits, the environment around us, our thoughts ... and of course we directly influence seasonal changes. The art of caring lies in knowing the 3 aspects of the person and know what effects it has on us each season. Thus we achieve prevent disease or at least liven up its effects.

On the one hand, we offer a new vision of beauty that goes beyond traditional aesthetics. We refer to 100% facial and body treatments according to the season, treating the source of the problem. The Phyto with the method, by the application of clays, techniques such as aromatherapy, color reflexology and Eastern philosophy based massages are unified.

We have found that this is only the first step towards a healthy beauty: why we also offer workshops "aromatherapy" and "the magic of 5 stations", among others, provide them with skills to care at home and care for others.

But this is not all, we propose in this new year, take time to listen to us (self-knowledge), identify ourselves, accept ourselves and from there, with consciousness we will carry out the transformation that is necessary. For this we have personal growth and development talks, which will be screened monthly, following an order of topics based on the seasons and related to the following aspects of life:

- Winter: Self-knowledge
- Spring: The Couple
- Summer: Family and Friends
- Autumn: Communication

For more information, write to elartedecuidase@gmail.es or follow us on Facebook.


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