Emilio felt goodbye to the presidency of Jovempa with a letter to its members

07 December 2015 - 00: 00

It is necessary for you to declare the President of Jovempa Marina Alta, from which I have the pleasure of being responsible for 22 mesos. Ho he fet ben accompannyat, d'a great team of people. Hem shared in the joint ambiences in the temples of our life that I decided to dedicate to the Association of the Joves Empresaris. Hem conegut moltes private institutions and public organizations, el ajuntaments i la seua gestió publica, hem parlat amb la Justícia i fins i tot amb Hisenda, amb els col • lectius, associacions, cooperatives, mitjans de comunicació, hem participat en debat, ponències i reunions Always try to look for eixa Person who is always darrere of eixes sigles or intangible logotips and moltes vegades separadors. Per sort hi they have people who feel the teu costat i et parlen of you, because they know that you share the mateix espai i moment (quina meravellosa casualitat). These last are the ones that have really given value to the temps and efforts that he dedicated to that project to unify.

Emilio felt

Hem parlat amb molts Empresaris (dels that neither smoke pure nor go by xofer) dels that raise the 6 of mati agafen ferramenta i is papen 10 hores diàries treballant per viure dignament i are bona gent .. Business in majúscules, d 'Successful or not, that they are always pendents of com va tot, and that they do not rest or diumenges, do not stick with each other with restructuring, reinventing themselves but not losing a lot of treball, a family, hufff molt dur.

It will work that it is deixen la pell per nosaltres, that they understand the system and try to facilitate the sense of success, professionals excel • lents catchers of a sterile system of d'idees, d'il·lusions verdaderes and sense rumb. Merchants, scientists, advocates, notaris, workers, technicians, artists, musicians ... people who don't know how to control a crash in this social fraction, crisis of values, that unfortunately estem vivint. Periodistes that write the one that they see and that they write that the one that interests them ... Politics of those that fly and can't and that they can and don't fly. Esperem haver contributed a little bit of llum to some d'ells. Això ens comforting.

Hem visited the Valls, from the Vall del Pop fins to Gallinera, from Segaria to the Barranc de l'Infern i d'allí to Ebo i Alcalà. De la mar blava de Marina Ibars, als blancs de Sorolla passing through the marrons of Ruano Llopis, and gaudint of the color of Miguel Vaquer ... the port of Denia, les Rotes, Cova Tallada, Cap Negre, Portet, Montanyar, l'Arenal, Cap Prim, Cap de la Nau, l'illa del Descobridor, Grandella, Moraitg, Morro de Moraira, Penyò d'Ifach ... senzillament espais fantàstics. I also for supposat hem gaudit d'eixa gastronomy pel camí, Ca Morell, Casa Pepa, there in Collado amb eixa fideuà de Pato, Sa a la l'Escoleta, l'arròs al forn de la meva sogra ... sublim.

But the month that has been omplit, sense dubte, has sigut conèixer a les persones; Thanks to tots. Ens emportem molts bons amics i amb ganes de mes: Person, Culture, Region, and Company ... a local point of view with global vision. Fins avui, tenim això. Let them remain per concloure and it is a good moment to look at a little bit, just a little, and value. Ens veurem per el camí. Adeu! Salut! Molta Salut!

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