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Vicent Grimalt entrusts the number 2 of the socialist candidacy to Cristina Morera

February 18 from 2019 - 21: 10

El PSPV-PSOE of Dénia has ratified, this Monday night, the list with which they will attend the municipal elections of the next 26 of May to consolidate the city hall of the city during the next four years.

The candidate for mayor, Vicent Grimalt, presented to its affiliates the list prepared for this task, which offers few novelties in the starting posts with respect to the 2015 year. Thus, Grimalt again relies on the team with which he has worked in this term, although they change the positions of all of them.

It is worth mentioning the councilor's promotion Cristina Morera, to whom Grimalt confides the number two of the candidacy; and that of Óscar Mengual, which will be number 3. They are followed by MªJosep Ripoll and Paco Roselló as numbers 4 and 5 and the current mayor of La Xara enters the list, Maite Pérez Conejero, as number 6. The 7 number is for Javier Scotto and the 8 number for Elisabet Cardona.

From there the list is completed with new faces known from the world of the party, such as the one of the faller major of Dénia 2017, Melani Ivars; or Joan Sapena in the 13.

Complete list of the PSPV-PSOE candidacy in Dénia

  • 1. Vicent Grimalt
  • 2. Cristina Morera
  • 3. Óscar Mengual
  • 4. Maria Josep Ripoll
  • 5. Paco Roselló
  • 6. Maite Pérez
  • 7. Javier Scotto
  • 8. Elisabet Cardona
  • 9. Raúl García de la Reina
  • 10. Sandra Gertrudix
  • 11. Pep Doménech
  • 12. Melani Ivars
  • 13. Joan Sapena
  • 14. Ana Ceballo
  • 15. Mike Kosok
  • 16. Pepa Martí
  • 17. Paco Tur
  • 18. Vicenta Bixquert
  • 19. Joanmi Rafet
  • 20. Elsa Paris
  • 21. Juan Pablo Uribe
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