The 'XXXIX Santisíma Sang Trophy' of cycling registered a record of participation

13 July 2017 - 11: 39

Cycling enthusiasts enjoyed with the young people who rode their bicycles offered a great show in the "XXXIX Santisíma Sang Trophy", Which ran through the most central streets of Denia.

The first drivers of the race were the cadets of the cadet category. The test was a give and take from the same exit. The Zafiro restaurant team controlled the race until the end of it. The jump of seven runners of the platoon caused that there was a great battle that was solved with the video finish.

The referees after watching the same gave to victory to Vicent Gramekamp, ​​of the Sime-RH Group team. The second was the team's runner Giménez Ganga, Martín Gil and third place went to David Beneyto, from the Eset-Valencia formation.

School Race

After the show that gave the cadets, began the tests of the schools. The first to ride on their bicycles were the boys and girls of the Promises category. Subsequently they did the rest of the categories who enjoyed a pleasant morning of cycling.

To emphasize the great influx of public that followed closely the future of each one of the races that were disputed. Like the perfect organization that made the Club Ciclista Dénia That knew to take care to the maximum the development of this trophy that is all a classic in the autonomic calendar of cycling.

Results of School Categories

Cadete category

1 º Vicent Granenkamp
2 º Martín Gil
3 º David Beneyto

Flyers goals

1 º Álvaro Torrella
2 º Andrés García
3 º Carlos Soler


1 º Grupo Sime-RH
2 º Zafiro Restaurant
3 º Ginestar-Ulbesport

Category Promesas 1 Féminas

ª 1 Adriana Segura
ª 2 Sandra Simarro
ª 3 Sandra Calvo

Category Promises 1

1 º Oriol Olaso
2 º Carlos Pérez
3 º Oliver Jiménez

Category Promises 2

1 º Álvaro Morales
2 º Andreu Galindo
3 º Alejandro Guijarro

Category Beginners 1 Féminas

ª 1 Candela Cazorla
ª 2 Yanara Carrión

Category Beginners 1

1 º Adam Gascón
2 º Joan Buigues
3 º Francisco Espinosa

Category Beginners 2 Féminas

ª 1 Leyre Almela

Category Beginners 2

1 º Eric Igual
2 º José Ramón Guijarro
3 º Xavi Mestre

Category Alevín 1 Féminas

ª 1 Julia Lozano
ª 2 Claudia Xian Galiano
ª 3 Carmen Sanchez

Category Alevín 1

1 º Héctor Alvárez
2 º Jaume Lloret
3 º Antonio Ramirez

Category Alevín 2 Féminas

ª 1 English
ª 2 Laura Guardeño
ª 3 Lucía Andrés

Category Alevín 1

1 º Ricardo Diaz
2 º Alejandro Ruiz
3 º Diego Gutiérrez


ª 1 Pascalle Granenkamp
ª 2 Marta Galván
ª 3 Sara Galván

Category 1

1 º Francesc Vercher
2 º Mario Lozano
3 º Iván Gomar

Category 2

1 º Iker Bonillo
2 º Ángel Albuixech
3 º Abel Olivares

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