Urbanism focuses the first meeting between the mayor and the board of CEDMA

26 June 2015 - 13: 50

This week the mayor of Denia, Vicent Grimaltand the re-elected president of CEDMA, Sonja Dietz, have held a first meeting that has served as a contact for both the new local executive and the new board of the Cercle Empresarial de la Marina Alta.

Grimalt was accompanied by the aediles Rafa Carrió and MªJosep Ripoll, while Dietz came with Antonio Vargas and Paco Català, new delegates of Planning and Infrastructure on the board.

From the Cercle they were particularly concerned about city planning and strategy to be followed by the new administration. In this regard, the councilor of Planning said that since the inauguration is working to meet the department and could not yet assign responsibilities.

First meeting between Grimalt and CEDMA

As for the Structural Plan, mayor and councilors claim that they are providing advice on the termination of the contract of the editorial team of the General Plan and the obligations entailed by the judgment in favor of the latter. In addition, the municipal architect, Rogelio Look, is conducting a study that reviews all positive and negative reports, accompanying the Structural Plan proposed by the previous Popular Party government. In this regard, the greatest concern is the delay CEDMA in time for Dianense urban planning that will involve the successive electoral processes, takeovers and structuring.

Another topic that was exposed was the Rotes-It montgó. The government team plans to meet with the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation to address the matter. But it could be that, since the direction of the entity depends on the Ministry of the Environment, no action is taken until after the elections.

Trust plan

The mayor transferred to the CEDMA board his intention to develop pending projects and not lose the pre-assigned funds. First, the streets that already have all the services will be paved. Then they will have to find a new location for the bus station, since it can not be located in Torrecremada because it is a flood zone.

In this regard, CEDMA recalled the possibility of moving to the facilities of Baleària Port without bottom for the municipal coffers, as the shipping company offered.

Moreover, the new government team ruled convert the old fish market in a tourist office.

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