The municipal trinquet of Dénia will host 15 elite games thanks to the collaboration agreement between the City Council and the Fundació per la Pilota

08 March 2023 - 11: 01

The Dénia City Council and the Fundació per la Pilota have renewed this Tuesday the collaboration agreement between both entities, a signing that has taken place at the headquarters of the local council and that has been in charge of the mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, and the president of the Fundació per la Pilota Valenciana, Juan Ureña. Other members of the local corporation, members of the Dénia Pilota Club and the professional pilot Tomás II, who is also a monitor of the Dénia pilot school, have also attended the event.

The agreement between the Dénia City Council and the Fundació, which also implies a close collaboration with the local pilota club, implies that there is a sports planning that consists of carrying out fifteen games of the most significant pilota competitions in the municipal trinquet elite, such as the League, the Cup or the Individual, among others. Also the celebration of the Trofeu El Rovellet de Dénia and another traditional and emblematic trophy that takes place in the July festivities.

In addition, the trinquet will house other games outside of those corresponding to competitions and trophies. Also, the Dénia City Council, and therefore the municipality itself, will be represented with a team in the two competitions par excellence of the Valencian pilota, as is the case of the League and the Cup.

Renewing your commitment to sport

After signing the agreement, Vicent Grimalt stated: "We have been committed to pilota for many years and we are happy to maintain this link with the Fundació because what is done with this collaboration for the good of the sport itself is very relevant. the Valencians. The ratchet has an important activity and we are also noticing it in the influx of boys and girls in the pilota school. And it is essential to disseminate something as ours as the pilota among the youth ».

For his part, the president of the Fundació per la Pilota has indicated that the support they are having from the town halls, such as that of Dénia, «is very valuable for the operation of the Fundació. Not only because of the economic part in our budget, which is of great help, but also in the social and moral aspect, because it means that the institutions get involved in promoting and disseminating the Valencian pilota”.

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