«The trenet and its safety»

07 March 2023 - 09: 21

First of all, say that we are concerned about the state of health of the man hit by the trenet. I hope and wish that he recovers quickly and stays in an anecdote with scare included and doesn't go any further.

Having said this, although we do not know the specific cause of the accident, I must remember that the Municipal Group of Gent de Denia in the past plenary session, requested that security measures be improved, since we had detected that something would happen in the synchronization of the traffic lights. If it was a municipal matter to act and if it was FGV to request its rapid repair. We still don't know who is in charge, but what has happened is what we didn't want or want, an accident.

We requested that the acoustic and light signals be reviewed, since there is little space from when the traffic light is changed until the train arrives at you, that causes uncertainty and something else, let's not talk about the acoustic signals that are not excessively loud, and that with the bustle of traffic they are barely audible.

A few years ago they installed the traffic lights, always lit in green for the pedestrian crossing. Quite logical, since there was no train, although it would have been more logical to leave them turned off, since some have caused some problem, mainly with poor visibility. Now they have started but there are still many pedestrians and drivers who cross without realizing that the train is already passing, because what happened today was an accident, but to say that there are many scares that thank God have not ended in an accident.

We must improve security, it is good to have a tram through the city, but it is safe for vehicles and above all for people, and if we must increase security, it will increase, we must not skimp on means and resources, the students of the Institute pass through that intersection Sorts de La Mar, College of the Carmelitas and the Alfa y Omega school, not counting the traffic jams that are generated by Avda. Joan Fuster at peak hours.

Let's not take this issue lightly, the safety of people at any time comes first. Once again, we urge whoever is concerned to provide an immediate solution to this serious anomaly that we denounced two weeks ago and apparently no action has yet been taken.

Mario Vidal, Councilor Spokesperson for Gent de Dénia

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