The scare for the detachment of part of a façade forces again to close a street in Dénia

May 19 from 2020 - 21: 22

A few moments ago, in the late hours of Tuesday afternoon, a new detachment has paralyzed a busy road in the town of Dénia. This event has forced traffic to be cut momentarily while repair work was underway.

Not even 5 days ago in the central Pare Pere street the fall of debris from a facade damaged a vehicle that was on it and forced the traffic to be cut off on the road. Today was the turn of Calle Patricio Ferrándiz, one of the main arteries in Dénia and one of the busiest during the week. In this one, at the height of Archduke Carlos Square, the fall of rubble has caught the passers-by who were there unprepared.

The detachment of the cornice has forced the emergency firefighters' vehicle to be mobilized to assess the conditions outside the building. While the maintenance work has lasted, the road has been closed to traffic until the reopening has been approved.

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  1. E. says:

    I think it was an imperceptible earthquake for people. On August I noticed it and didn't say anything so they wouldn't take me for a madman. Then I detected a rubble detached from the storage room. Now this and I have cascotillos again.

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