The floor of the new Glorieta sees the light: the base that supports the transformation of the center of Dénia

07 June 2023 - 09: 37

It seems that he still has weeks to go, but the work of Glorieta of the Valencian Country and surroundings is already well advanced. The center of Dénia will soon debut a new face. And we can already glimpse what it will be like.

It had advance project images and now it can be verified that the final result will surely be identical to what was announced. A few weeks ago the streetlights were installed surrounding the central islet, the old Glorieta. The spaces for the trees are also already located. Now, for a few days, we can see a piece with the new red brick floor that is supposed to cover the entire square.

It is only a small piece, but very significant. You can already guess the final height of the ground, since the idea was to raise it so that there was not so much difference with respect to the old Glorieta, doing without the steps in favor of hidden ramps. The chosen brick fully respects the unique aesthetic of the place, maintaining the red of the historic central construction. Therefore, it is expected that once everything is finished it will remain as an extension of the old Glorieta, rather than an abrupt change to create something completely new.

According to calendar of announced projects of Dénia, the work should conclude during this summer. If the deadlines are met, in August you should already be able to enjoy the new Glorieta.

  1. Miguel says:

    Come on, they have dirt to clean behind the castle.
    The neighbors moving due to vandalism and are worried about leaving Denia beautiful...
    They are lucky not to live there, I put them all in a can of sardines, bit by bit.
    The elders are respected.

  2. evan garfield says:

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  3. kike says:

    pharaonic work + socialist smoke = money going down the drain.

    reality = half or more of denia unpaved, and patchy.