Saturday is the day of love perruno I celebrate with Mascotetes!

Event Date: 18 October 2014
Event type: Party
Site: Portal de la Marina Shopping Center
Opening times: From 16: 00 hours
Starters: Free
Event finished


Saturday October 18, Mascotetes He wants to celebrate with you the Perruno Day Love, And it has prepared a fun day for owners and pets to be held in the Mall Portal de la Marina.

Starting from the 16 hours will begin the free registrations for the contest of Mascotetes. At the 17 hours will be presented the different activities that will take place during the afternoon.

Half an hour later, at 17: 30 hours, will begin Mascotetes contest for dogs without race. The competition categories are: macho more macho, granny more charming, female that I am beautiful, what kind I have y the most obedient.

Among the four winners of each category the special prize will be awarded to the winner of the winners "Best Dog Award CC Portal de la Marina", in addition to giving gifts to all participants and to the three winners in each category.

Also at the 17: 30 will begin the contests and games for children and dogs: Sack race with your dog, sausage comerdores, gymkhana, make cookies for your dog and how to make a more interactive dog.

In the 19 hours will be held the workshop "How to play with your dog" and 19: 30 workshop "Natural therapies with dogs".

The day of love perruno end at 20 hours with a pass canine fashion.

More information and registration at Mascotetes or by calling 965783215.

Mascotetes celebrate the day of love perruno

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