«The robbers of progressive speech to threaten the lack of ideas»

February 22 from 2023 - 17: 29

Escort the right to talk about "recovering the road for the people" and a necessary change in the mobility model in their cause of pride in seeing with the Popular Party s'appropriates the progressive discourse that the Socialists of Dénia carry any defense i Applicant to Dénia, with concrete measures that have resisted the onslaught of Eixa mateixa dreta fins a, seems to be, convince her...

Escortar in the mateixa intervened with the popular candidate for the municipal councils, Pepa Font, with a long political trajectory (with the PP and also against d'ell), proposes with a great innovation to reopen the traffic Marqués de Campo It causes a bit of fright, due to the manifest inconsistency and suspicion that the PP tries to disguise in friendly and sustainable moderation a clear setback in the millora of the urban model of our city.

Thank you for this unexpected discourse stealer, which does not prove if not corroborating that the greatest transformation of Dénia in decades has struck a positive end and all in the most resistant minds.

But at the mateix times you are distrustful of the intentions that have come to the end of this 'facelift' that Mrs. Font is trying to do, accompanied, neither more nor less, than by Antoni Pérez, the mayor of the PP of Benidorm, the emblematic city of the most ferocious urbanism that has viscuted our territory during the darrer mig segle.

Potser, simply, this appropriation of the progressive discourse responds to the lack of new ideas to present to the citizenry. Examples in this adaptation of the PP to survive without its own and coherent ideology: in the Spanish capital, threats to reopen the cotxes Madrid Central will cease to bring the populars to the municipal government.

Potser, simply, tries to avoid that the locals and locals of Dénia become aware of the real consequences of opening new streets to traffic: I lose a space to passejar and gaudir calmly of the local trade and restoration and return to conviure-hi with the smoke and the soroll dels cotxes. I això is NOT to recover the races for the people.

Res bo augura the photo with the mayor of Benidorm... It seems that the bet of Mrs. Font is the 'model Benidorm', in the place of the so old tourist model and urbà denier.

  1. Luis says:

    Neither PP nor PSOE. I come here for this statement:

    «….in lloc del tan envejat model turístic i urbà denier….»

    Envy?…Tourist model? Urban model?….She cooks it and she eats it.

  2. Omniway says:

    The truth is that FONT's speech is quite “talk for the sake of talking”, but so is yours. I don't know what the "Benidorm Model" is about.
    What do you want? Fool people into thinking they are going to turn Denia into a bunch of tall buildings? Please don't talk nonsense because it seems like you want to manipulate us.
    In addition, the Benidorm model has always been highly praised for socialism. I remember the socialist mayors of DÉNIA saying that Benidorm is an art of construction since it is built high up and thus there is plenty of space for green areas and the enjoyment of the citizenry. Now you go and kill that speech and attack the PP saying that they contradict themselves. Like you.
    What happens to both of you is that you only have a desire for power. Like almost all of you who introduce yourself.

  3. JOAN VERDU says:

    The thing about Pepa Font taking pictures next to the mayor of Benidorm (from Benidorm!!!) giving lessons on urban planning and tourism (from Benidorm!!!) is one of the best skits I've seen in a long time. If it already seems an exaggeration to me how devoted Dénia is to tourism now, imagine if the Benidorm model comes.
    Dénia for the people, but for the people who develop, those who exploit, those who speculate. Don't strain, Font, don't strain