The gift to Dénia from one of its most valued artists

February 07 from 2022 - 15: 17

Dénia has received this morning the donation of two beautiful unique works from one of its best-known neighbors: Joan Castejón. The painter has delivered these two oil paintings that pay homage to the actor and singer Ovidi Montllor, who were part of 25 years of holidays, the collective exhibition that visited several Valencian municipalities, including the capital of the Marina Alta last year.

Joan Castejón has donated to the Dénia City Council two works, with the technique of oil, wax and varnish on cardboard, dedicated "to the friend Ovidi [Montllor]", which he created in 2019 because they were part of the collective exhibition, organized to commemorate 25 years of the death of the singer-songwriter and actor from Alcoy. The paintings can be seen from today in the exhibition part of the artist's work that fills the Espai d'Art Castejón, in the Dénia House of Culture.

The formalization of the donation was held this morning, with the participation of the artist, the mayor, Vicent Grimalt and the Councilor for Culture, Raúl García de la Reina. In his intervention, Castejón has indicated that "the idea that this work stays in Dénia is important to me, because it gives me joy that it is in a land that welcomed me like a son since I arrived".

Burning the blue is the title that Castejón has chosen for this diptych dedicated to Ovidi, alluding, he explained, "to the political struggle of those years."

The artist's wish is that the works "are exhibited for a season at the Espai d'Art Castejón and later, the city council locates them wherever it considers".

Both the mayor and the Councilor for Culture have thanked Castejón for the donation of two more works, "which go on to enrich the municipal funds."

García de la Reina took advantage of the donation ceremony to present the activities that will be held at the Espai d'Art Castejón during this first quarter of the year. On the one hand, on February 17, at 19:XNUMX p.m., the documentary Pinazo, notes and thoughts, with the participation of the director, Ignacio Estrela, and the screenwriter and producer, Laura Grande. And on March 21, World Poetry Day, a recital has been organized with members of the Associació de Poetes de la Marina Alta.

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  1. Nekane says:

    These exhibitions have no artistic interest for the people but only for an exchange of greetings between organizations and "artists" and continue to take it away. On the other hand, Ovidi was a sad depressant (look what paintings!) and he only interested old dandy progressives who were nostalgic for his youth as smokers.