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The memory of summer reaches the streets of Dénia with the "entraeta" of Mig Any

February 28 from 2011 - 00: 00

Six months ago, in a hot month of August, the streets of the city boiled with color, music and atmosphere thanks to the festivities of Moors and Christians.

Saturday night, after a week of celebration, the center of Dénia again relive the sensations of August with all filaes on the street, with his best mood and good work.

The novelty of this year was on the itinerary, which changed due to the works in the historic center and began at Plaza Tenor Cortis to continue along Pare Pere Street, Glorieta, and Calle Marques de Campo.

As usual, hundreds of people gathered on the sidewalks to see parading Moors and Christians, who were led by the president of the AMMICC, Josele Maldonado, and the Moorish and Christian captains, Ramón Aguado and Mª Carmen García Clavell, accompanied by their bearers.

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