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"Whoever ignores will go back"

29 2020 April - 18: 31

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, today he has faced his Facebook direct, perhaps, harder and necessary. Like every Wednesday, he has submitted to questions from neighbors live from his open profile on the social network. However, this time with the peculiarity that yesterday the plan was announced, still somewhat diffuse of de-escalation, with many points to clarify.

Despite this, he has returned to the camera and with, to begin with, a clear message to the neighbors: we must comply. That's right, now that the journey towards normality will be asymmetric and individual for each province, it will be under magnifying glass to be able to access the following phases every fortnight, so it is essential that each citizen comply with the temporary restrictions.

What's more, if in the end this evaluation is done by health departments instead of provinces, as the Generalitat has requested, each negligence could be more expensive. "It seems that the Valencian Community could make the evolution by health departments and we are fine"Grimalt said. And it is true. We are in a privileged situation, the fourth department with the lowest case of infections and deaths, so we could return, if everything is done correctly, in June to the new normality.

Now,"At any time the Ministry can pull us back, so be good", pointed out the mayor. Constraints will have to be heeded because it will be the best way to exit and return to relative normality.

But, of course, we collide again against that fearsome oxymoron: the new normal. "The day after will never be like the day before"Grimalt has warned. "Many things will change but we will have to get used to it. If we want to make a life as normal as possible we have to comply".

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