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The Port of Dénia closed, except for essential services

31 March 2020 - 13: 53

Since the state of alarm was decreed more than 15 days ago, the companies that make up the Port of Dénia have held several meetings electronically, through the Port of Dénia Consultative Port Table. Yesterday afternoon they met to analyze the situation they are in. “Today more than ever we need to know the situation that each port concessionaire is going through and support us. Spain has two vital challenges, to limit the pandemic and to prepare ourselves so that, when it is over, we can restart our activities. We cannot allow the economy to freeze ”, assures Gabriel Martínez, president of the Port Table.

The new Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, of March 29, affects the companies that make up the Port of Dénia differently. The Portet of Dénia and Marina de Denia They continue to offer the minimum services established by law, "just as we have been doing in recent days," says Gabriel Martínez, president of the Port Board. The ports must ensure the safety, surveillance and custody of the boats that are moored and also ensure that there are no movements of people in their facilities. Other essential jobs include supporting Customs and the Coast Guard and Border Service of the Civil Guard.

For its part, Varadero Port Dénia, will not be able to carry out any activity, so this industry is paralyzed until April 9. Balearia had its entire fleet moored in Dénia and stopped performing the service to the Balearic Islands from the start of the state of alarm. The company Náutica Noguera has also closed until April 9. Regarding the Fishermen's Association, its president, Juan Antonio Sepulcre, assures that "we cannot go fishing in this situation, everything we capture we will have to throw back into the sea since we have no buyers."

Gabriel Martínez announces that in the coming weeks he will hold meetings with the Dénia City Council, the Alicante Chamber of Commerce and the Generalitat Valenciana to propose actions for the recovery of activity in the port.

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