The PSPV responds to the criticisms of the PP, which were in plenary session in favor of the bases for aid

November 13 from 2020 - 10: 17

After criticism of the measures to stop the crisis caused by COVID in the municipality that yesterday made public Dénia Popular, the local government team responds with some disbelief.

According to PSPV, the spokeswoman for PP in Dénia, María Mut, did not show disagreement with the points that were discussed in the COVID-19 monitoring commission, in which she was representing her group. In addition, the requirements demanded of the hospitality industry that in its statement the PP qualifies as unaffordable by the sector, requirements to qualify for aid for the payment of the public road occupancy rate and the garbage collection service, are those collected from the bases approved unanimously by all municipal groups, including the popular, in the month of July.

In fact, the bases criticized and attributed to the government, points out the PSPV, "were amended and completed with contributions from the PP group, and a consensus was reached with the political groups, during the commissions held in June, the percentage of personnel hired prior to the pandemic that the establishments had to maintain to obtain 100% of aid". Moreover, the popular mayor pointed out in the ordinary plenary session of 3 months ago: "Like everyone else, we would have liked it to have been more ambitious, but we all have financial limits. But you have our full support".

"Incomprehensible? Yes. But we are used to the silence of the PP in the meetings of the daily municipal management and the subsequent scandalous headlines, to the media, to try to make profitable work not done"criticizes the government team.

Despite the inconsistencies and sticks to the wheels of the PP, from the PSPV we will continue to summon all municipal groups to the COVID-19 monitoring commission and work together on the proposals they present to us, as Gent from Denia and Compromís, because we consider that at this time unity and joint work, both with the groups and with the most affected sectors, are the necessary tools to face the current health and economic crisis; just like we have done since the pandemic began.

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