The PSOE processes the start-up of a protected housing closed by the PP in the previous legislature

May 17 from 2019 - 13: 02

The current councilor of equality and number 8 of the Socialist candidacy, Elisabet Cardona, has announced that from the PSPV-PSOE the implementation of sheltered housing for women victims of gender violence is being processed with the Generalitat Valenciana that closed the PP in the 2011-2015 legislature.

For this they will give a municipal house to the Generalitat. This assignment of use will be made in the General Directorate of the Valencian Institute for Women and for Gender Equality, and this housing will be part of the Network of the Generalitat of Integral Social Assistance to victims of violence against women. In the coming months the transfer will be effective.

This has been explained by the socialists in the presentation of their proposals on social welfare and equality, whose main points will be the finalization of this file and continue to bet on the policies that have been reactivated in this mandate, such as the Municipal Equality Plan which includes actions such as:

  • 1. Encourage the implementation of the gender perspective in the functioning of the City Council by continuing to bet on the hiring of companies that have an Equal Opportunities Plan through the introduction of a clause in the specifications.
  • 2. Sensitize and make visible the problem of sexist violence by increasing the informative talks about the different types of violence, the myth of false denunciations and the protocols of action and support mechanisms that exist for cases of gender violence.
  • 3. Develop training and employment programs that allow greater access, promotion and permanence of women in the labor market. We will destine annual 100.000 for training plans for young people, older than 55 and women
  • 4. Generate resources and aid aimed at assisting families with difficulties. Promoting aid for single-parent and single-parent families with actions such as matching single-parent and single-parent families in the municipal family, work and personal reconciliation aid with which large families receive.
  • 5. Promote aid for dependent care to reduce the difficulties that women caregivers have to reconcile work and family life by increasing 10% annual users and home help service.
  • 6. Reduce the digital divide between men and women by holding courses on new technologies, informatics and / or social networks for women that reduce the current state of the digital divide between men and women and favor empowerment.
  • 7. Promote equal opportunities based on education, with measures such as teacher training on specific topics related to gender and continue to hold workshops in schools and institutes on bullying, gender violence and sexual affective diversity.
  • 8. Promote the care of men who suffer some type of violence in the couple offering the necessary attention to men who suffer some form of violence, harassment, abuse and / or abuse.
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