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The PSOE is also imposed in La Xara and Jesus Pobre

May 25 from 2015 - 13: 20

Local entities dependent children Denia, La Xara and Jesus Pobre, will also be governed by socialists after victories Maite Pérez Conejero y Javier Scotto.

In the Xara, the socialist candidate won the open lists with 323 votes in her favor, followed by Juan Montaner Vicens (GDCU) with 290 votes. The socialist also Maikel Cardona, is in third position with 273 votes, followed by Juan Carlos Baidal (GDCU - 267 votes). The neighborhood board of La Xara is completed by GDCU candidates Pedro Juan Català, Juan Naranjo Rubio and Juan Bautista Montaner Roselló.

Outside the meeting are the candidates of the coalition GDCU Pons Ruben Fajardo and Juan Bautista Gilabert Fornés and the candidate of the Popular Party, Francisco Javier Llull Sarrate.

Javier Scotto and Maite Pérez

In Jesús Pobre, for his part, Javier Scotto repeats as mayor-elect with 209 votes, followed by Sebastián Aguililla, from Compromís, who got 141 votes. The third most voted was Josep Lluis Fornés, also from Compromís, with 125 votes, followed by Juan Igancio Fornés, from PSOE, with 122 votes. The Neighborhood Board of Jesús Pobre Josefa Martínez (PSOE) and Juan Bernardo Pineda (Compromís) close.

After voting, they have been left out Patricia Miñana (EU), Miguel Ángel Costa and Mª Dolores Llobell (GDCU) and Almudena Lorite and Alfredo Lorite (People's Party).

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