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The PSOE asks that the PGE contemplate "essential elements" that are not in the document

February 14 from 2015 - 00: 00

The countdown to finish the public exposure of the General Structural Plan has begun. Wednesday 18 February will be the last day of exposure, and that day will also mark the end of the period of allegations.

PSOE press conference on the General Plan

The Socialists, led by Vicent Grimalt, They have announced that they submitted in writing what they see as essential elements for the development of the city that for now are not in the document. For this they count with the help of the geographer Mª Josep Ripoll, explaining that "The General Structural Plan is the backbone of city planning, for this reason it should provide land for future educational buildings such as the expansion of the IES Maria Ibars or a new UNED, the second health center and the necessary second residence."

Ripoll has made special emphasis on the need to better articulate the accesses of the area of ​​Las Marinas and the area of ​​the Montgó skirt, maintain the layout of the perimeter round and reserve land to expand the polygon industrial.

Grimalt has reiterated that they will not support the document if their contributions are not included.

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