The PSD / CDL required to be cut wasteful spending before raising taxes

19 December 2011 - 19: 07

The PSD of Denia, which after joining the CDL last November is renamed PSD-CDL, has wanted to comment on the main issue that will take full on Tuesday: the approval of the Economic Financial Plan of the City Council.

The PSD / CDL denounced the haste with which the government team has treated the most important full year, "to avoid any kind of control or criticism of the CDL and the rest of the opposition"and says that PP-CU "missing the truth".

They claim that the only reductions to be made in the new budget will be in terms of investment chapter is zero, while chapters staffing and running costs remain the same as the existing ones.

Moreover, the PSD / CDL announces a catastrazo to 2014 as part of the tax increase, which will increase property tax up to 50%.

The party led by Sancho concludes that "First all the superfluous expenses inherited from the waste of the urban bubble must be cut and adjusted to the same reality that the people of the street live and the PP-CU government team has not made the minimum effort as their numbers reflect".

In the event that the government team ignore the claims of the party to tax increases, TDF announces that study continue with the legal action so that the revision of rates is "Fair and equitable, as marked by law".

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  1. Luna says:

    Man!!!! This is the most profligate of the town hall. It would not hurt for the government team to say what was the economic hole that the boy left ...

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