The program of celebrations of Moors and Christians 2011 comes with many new features

27 July 2011 - 22: 16

Josele Maldonado, president of the Association of Moors and Christians Denia (AMMICC), he presented at a press conference, accompanied by Paco Arnau, Councilman Festival, Juan Bautista Palú, Mayoral Mayor, mayoral Vicente Caravaca and vice president of the AMMICC Vicente Ahuir, the program of events of the Moors and Christians 2011, which begin 5 August with gala dinner .

The main novelty this year lies in the act Landing, which will be held on Saturday 13 in August at 20: 30 hours and in which, for the first time, the Moors will not arrive by sea. Due to the wide restrictions imposed by the National Union of Festeras Entities regarding the safety of the event and its high cost, this year the event will be held in its entirety in the Plaza del Consell: the Moors camp will meet at the Pòsit to go up by Marqués de Campo to the plaza, while the Christian will leave from Glorieta to the same plaza.

El Gala ParadeOne of the most striking in the entire Region, is pending change its route, although not yet confirmed: come out of the C / Columbus, would raise the C / Diana and continue for the C / Marques de Campo. Another novelty in this parade is the price of the chairs, which will vary Segou location: 5 euros in Marqués de Campo and Diana 3 euros and La Mar or Columbus.

La Battle of musketry and Miracle Mist to be held the day 16 change its route, acontándolo the Consell and the City Council seats in an enclosure which can only access authorized by festeros security. The public who wants to see what will follow from outside the perimeter marked.

That last day there is another novelty in the Retreta and Final Shot, Which are now held at the end of the Calle Marques de Campo.

Here you can consult the complete program, which must be added the performance of the Orquesta Montecarlo Wednesday August 10 to 23: 30 hours.

This year's poster is the work of Cristina Ygarza, from the Filà Alkamar.

For its part, the herdsmen of Sant Roc have prepared their program of events which highlight the paella contest to be held on Sunday 7 August in Marques de Campo, the Great COCA Friday 12 in the parking lot of the Way and VIII Swim across the beach Estanyo 13 day.

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