The PP dismisses as "regrettable" that the City Council has to advance € 261.000 to fix the pavilion

06 March 2020 - 12: 50

Before the statements made this week by Councilwoman Ripoll, which refers to Dénia City Council will advance € 261.000 for the arrangement of the sports hall, the Popular Party has declared: “We do not know what this government team is playing, we do not understand that in September they will value these repairs at € 326.000 and now this amount has decreased to € 261.000, why is this difference ?, citizens deserve an explanation. "

On January 23, 2020. The Insurance Compensation Consortium already issued a list of the affected municipalities to which the damages caused were to be paid and Dénia was among them.

Since the September Dana took place, the City Council has not received any compensation from the Consortium. "What file management is being carried out? Does the municipal insurance have nothing to say about it?", the popular wonder.

El PP ask for more information on what has been done since then by the City Council "So that today, not a single euro has been charged for the damages caused".

"Could it be that the documentation requested by the Consortium is not presented or incomplete? We find it embarrassing that, six months later, the problem has not been solved due to mismanagement and lack of insistence to the Consortium for the payment of such damages, more so, when there are so many affected users who still have to travel to neighboring towns to be able to train and play their weekly games ", insist from the game.

Popular seems like a situation "creepy" that, as of today, the damage to the sports hall has not yet been repaired, and that, according to its statement, "it demonstrates, once again, the null management and the lack of capacity to solve the problems, as much of the councilor of sports Raúl García de la Reina, as of the councilor of Works Maria Josep Ripoll".

On the other hand, the popular people wonder where they are going to get those € 261.000 when the 2020 Budget has not yet been approved. “Why do they sell shares that they cannot execute until the final approval of the budgets? Regrettable".

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