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The PP collects the complaints of the businessmen of the Esplanade Cervantes for the expansion of the pedestrian space

22 June 2020 - 11: 51

The popular ones of Dénia met last week with hoteliers and merchants from the Esplanade Cervantes. Faced with the discomfort generated by the removal of parking spaces in that area, the popular ones have had a talk with several business owners in that area. “All those with whom we have spoken have shown us the general discomfort they feel for the removal of parking spaces, for the excessively wide paint on the road in one of the areas and for the danger that this entails for the residents. and customers ”, has declared Maria Mut, spokesperson for the popular ones. The owners have expressed their concern about the abuse (fortunately without serious consequences), of a girl, as a result of the high speed of a vehicle. “We have been told that this could have been avoided if they had put concrete blocks instead of painting the floor, as they requested from the city council, at the time that those blocks would serve to be able to safely lower the tables to the street and leave the sidewalks. free for pedestrians to pass ”, points out the popular councilor José Antonio Cristóbal.

In the same way, the popular ones denounce that the owners "they feel ignored by the City Council since it has carried out all these modifications without giving them any information about it, to the point that in order to serve the tables they have to jump through the party wall since one of their the steps that were at ground level and made their work easier ".

The popular ones have also been surprised to see the "deplorable" state in which the street lamps of said esplanade are located, which, according to users, many nights are off, with the corresponding lack of security, in addition to making it difficult to serve the occupied tables, preventing the proper functioning of business.

On the other hand, Eva Catalá adds that "Business owners and neighbors also complain about the insufficient cleaning that is carried out in the area of ​​the Cervantes esplanade, cleaning that is done once or no time a week and that shows how dirty the whole neighborhood is".

The Popular Party of Dénia denounces, in the same way, the insufficient pruning that the entire area of ​​the esplanade has, and that prevents the correct visibility of pedestrians when crossing the streets, with the danger that this entails for both pedestrians as for vehicles.

Faced with this panorama, the popular people ask the government team to exercise its duties properly, and to keep that area in the state in which all those who reside and work there deserve it.

  1. Xavi says:

    Cities are hijacked by vehicles and bar terraces. There are very few sidewalks where two people can walk shoulder to shoulder due to lack of space. Nonsense.

  2. Joselito says:

    This nonsense is the new normal, let us hope to return to the old normal, although I see it very difficult.

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