The PP urges the Dénia City Council to plead against the Coastal Law

January 27 from 2023 - 17: 29

Elisa Díaz, Deputy in Les Corts Valencianes, for the Environment and Territorial Planning, has visited this Friday, January 27, the city of Dénia. The Deputy, together with the popular candidate for mayor, Pepa Font, have visited the beach of Les Deveses, One beaches most affected by the maritime storms of the coast.

Díaz has shown his concern about the new regulations of the Law of Coasts that contemplates a demarcation on the dianense coast, which has ensured "affects many homes and many neighbors."

The Deputy in Les Corts Valencianes has insisted that from the Popular Party "we have been saying for some time that these neighbors need protection." Díaz has qualified that this situation is caused by the storms but also by "the neglect of a government that has done absolutely nothing to protect the beaches and to protect the homes in the area." That is why she has emphasized that "we need governments that look after the interests of citizens and the interests of the Valencian Community." Tourism is our biggest economic engine and we cannot lose our beaches, which is why it is necessary, Díaz insisted, that we go hand in hand to be able to modify these cruel regulations and that both the neighbors and their homes and the beaches be protected.

The Deputy has regretted that, in Les Corts Valencianes, Ximo Puig support "the deconstruction of each and every one of the houses in the area" and has assured that the Popular Party is totally against this situation and they ask that all the parties go hand in hand so that the constructions are maintained, they are defend and, among all, modify a regulation that is highly harmful to Dénia and the entire Valencian Community.

Thus, Pepa Font has remarked that from the PP de Dénia remain in the same position and have assured that they will be next to each of the Dianense neighbors. The popular has insisted that "we do not understand the position of the current government team, made up of the Socialist Party, where the councilor assures that nothing is happening and that the demarcation seems perfect and that the houses are a concession. When really, a concession means losing all rights to the homes without any type of compensation. Pepa Font has stressed that the first person interested in alleging against this Coastal Law should be the Dénia City Council itself to be next to the neighbors and defend their interests.

  1. Carmelo says:

    It is evident that nature does its job and continues its course and against it we can do little, but the reality is that it is enough to take a walk along the beautiful Dianense coast, not only for the beaches affected by the new demarcation but in general for the 14 kms from Las Marinas, to realize the atrocities that have been committed, everywhere you can see houses and urbanizations that without respecting the public domain have invaded the sandbanks with impunity, in some cases in such a savage way that they cause shame, the construction of breakwaters that have modified the natural behavior of the beaches, the usual terrible state of the mouth of the Girona river, etc.; situation tolerated or not remedied by all local corporations for fifty or sixty years, regardless of the dominant political color at all times.

    The solution is surely very complex and it would take time and resources to implement it, beyond the electoral interests of each one, I do not believe that any party is in possession of the absolute truth regarding this problem or in a position to promise solutions because they would be stepped on many calluses, as other ut supra have already commented, but they should at least try to solve (not promise, do) the most bloody cases of invasion of the public domain that are in full view and take effective corrective measures, beyond good intentions .

    Perhaps we are arriving too late to protect the dunes, the beaches and the Kentish Plover from private interests, which are many and do not want to admit that they have built where they should not, but something could be done so that the situation does not worsen.

  2. Alfg says:

    Bad is what ends badly.
    For years an almost borderline situation has been expected for certain areas as a result of not having taken the necessary measures at the right time.
    There are two issues to consider:
    1 Can a government of the political sign be little more than unilaterally carry out a new demarcation without counting on private property?
    2 What real and not just populist criteria have been taken into consideration?
    Finally, it will be necessary to reach the conclusion that if he has the capacity to take the initiative, it implies that he is the person responsible for not having maintained the coast as the technicians advised and the neighbors requested.

    Once again, we enter the dilemma of allowing the laws and common sense to allow the Administrations to act, causing damage to the private sphere.
    Likewise, looking at the layouts of the new boundaries, entrances and exits can be observed even at right angles in some urbanizations, yes, and in others, no. What is the difference palpable to the naked eye that the demarcation maps offer?

    I remember the case of Benidorm where sand was pumped to the west beach, finding space and balance.

    My question is none other than why can't city councils manage what is ultimately in their own municipal terms? Both at the level of income and expenses, and not, which is transferred to the Community that may have priorities in other points and commit neglect or invest in those that their intention interests them at that moment, what is generated must be reinvented where it is generated as priority.

    Proximity makes the contribution of solutions faster and knowledge the correct application of them.

    Finally, point out that these new demarcations that intend to take control of private land, will bring legal tail and delay the real solutions that have been requested so much, such as means of containment and maintenance.
    Politics and laws must be at the service of the people and not the other way around.

    • Ignacio says:

      Absolutely right, but we continue to ignore reality, the sea level is rising and there is no politician or Law that can stop or change it. Every arrangement they make will come a storm that will take it ahead. They promise smoke because they cannot stop or eradicate storms, squalls, rain, wind... Or is there someone who believes that they can do it? Also, if you want to build a system along the entire coast to avoid the degradation of the houses on the first line, where do you place it? There is no space, it is precisely the houses themselves that are just above.

  3. Luis says:

    «…Tourism is our greatest economic engine and we cannot lose our beaches, which is why it is necessary, Díaz insisted, that we go hand in hand to be able to modify this cruel regulation and that both the residents and their homes and the beaches be protected. …»
    What are we left to do to protect the neighbors and the environment or the tourists? Also if the sea level rises there is nothing to do.