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The PP of Dénia proposes to use the money from the Plan Plan for the rehabilitation of the house in Torrecremada

24 2020 April - 11: 33

Last week the Plan Plan of the Alicante Provincial Council was presented, which grants Dénia more than € 1.300.000.

The objective of said plan is to carry out actions that contribute to the sustainability of the municipality, or to the rehabilitation, repair and improvement of infrastructures and buildings owned by the local entity for the purposes of public service, among others.

Given this perspective, the people of Dénia believe that this is the moment and this is the opportunity to carry out the rehabilitation of a building as emblematic as Torrecremada.

It is known to all that the Torrecremada building, of XNUMXth century architecture, remains closed since it is in a rather dilapidated and dangerous state for its internal access. There are numerous attempts that have been made to be able to fine-tune this building and open its doors to the residents of our city.

Now, popular opinion, it seems that it is the opportunity and the right moment for its beginning.

This rehabilitation, they affirm from the PP Dénia, would provide two benefits for the city of Dénia. On the one hand, the dianenses would recover a public space that today is totally abandoned and dangerous and, on the other hand, it would generate employment and economic wealth for our city, since the repair of said building would require a lot of manpower until it arrived to its end.

  1. Jane Hayward-Smith says:

    In normal times, great idea! But I think that now, the money would be better spent on the people of Dénia, who have lost their livelihoods due to the current pandemic!
    Excuse my Spanish!

  2. Karl Marx says:

    The PP criminal organization says where to spend our money ... for what? to allegedly steal….
    The PP left 4000 people to die in all of Spain to save 170 million (Sovaldi case) as..es..si..nos

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