The PP of Dénia denounces that the Christmas lights are not yet on

04 December 2021 - 15: 31

The Popular of Dénia denounce that the lights of Christmas are not yet posted in the city. The specifications that the City Council put out to tender specified that the lights should be in operation on the 26th of
November at 20:XNUMX p.m., but "we are already a week late in the start-up of the Christmas lighting", denounces the spokesperson of the group María Mut.

Mut points out that "if the hiring begins a week late, it is normal that the lights are not on yet. What is not logical is that, knowing in advance when the Christmas lights should be installed, to this day They are not in place. If the adjudication process starts late, it is logical that it does not arrive on time. Again, they arrive late and badly due to bad management. Today many people are beginning to arrive in our city to enjoy the bridge and the DNA and they are going to find a soulless city without any kind of Christmas spirit. "

In the same way, the popular also denounce that the Christmas tree that is placed every year in the City Hall is not installed either. "If this is the way the PSOE to receive our visitors on this bridge so important for the economy of our hoteliers, restaurateurs and merchants, we are doing very badly. Arriving in a city like Dénia on these dates and not finding a single Christmas lighting, you have no forgiveness,
especially when our neighboring municipalities have already installed them for a week ”, indicates María Mut.

The spokesperson of the PP de Dénia states that "thank goodness that Dénia merchants have adorned their windows and help the festive atmosphere to be greater."

  1. Ignacio says:

    Christmas as a religious holiday is sold to crazy consumerism, carnival lights and drunkenness. All those who complain about the loss of religious traditions long ago that you lost them yourself, do not come now offended because they have not put some lights on you that we all pay for. The Misa del Gallo or step on it for example.

  2. Ignacio says:

    Well, if they pay them, they are deducted from their salary.

  3. Maria. says:

    Unforgivable ...

  4. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    It is not strange at all. They are the policies of the left, in all of Spain. Observe some nativity scenes almost cacróilegos installed in some regions. In contrast to the celebration of Ramadan they allow all the savagery.
    Do not be alarmed in Denia it is a domestic issue, it will pass.

  5. Maria says:

    It is not sloppiness. It is the desire to bother and that we do not have anything traditional or that is related to the religion of the majority.
    I come from outside to cross the bridge, and in summer I have not seen less light

  6. Amalia says:

    Disappointment in DENIA there is NO CHRISTMAS THAT shame

    • pepper says:

      What not? Why do you say so? Who are you to decide? It is not necessary to transform the streets into fairs to feel the Christmas religious feeling at home.