The PP accuses the local government of "lack of sensitivity" with entrepreneurs for not suspending rates

November 12 from 2020 - 13: 44

The Popular Party of Dénia yesterday presented a new battery of measures to support citizens, freelancers and SMEs in the city, and, according to what they have from training, "again the government team of the PSOE he said no again ".

In the meeting held yesterday by municipal spokespersons regarding the situation generated by COVID as a consequence of this 2nd wave, the Popular Party has called for the suspension of certain municipal rates for 2021, such as Occupation of Public Roads or the opening of new businesses, and at least until economic circumstances are more favorable. These are two measures that, according to the party led by María Mut, are aimed at easing the tax burden on entrepreneurs and thus facilitating the continuity of hundreds of jobs and the creation of new jobs.

To these proposals, the response of the government team was negative, because "They do not consider suspending any rate, since their only approach is to discount them, as long as it is appropriate". This statement results in that of the 4000 businesses in Dénia, only 132 have submitted the application for a bonus to the aid that was approved during the month of August.

"It is surprising that, despite the closures forced by confinement and restrictive measures in terms of capacity, only a ridiculous 3% of the total have been able to meet the requirements established in the aid to be able to present them", point out the Popular.

"Given that it was very clear the lack of sensitivity of the government team with the extreme situation that entrepreneurs in this city are experiencing, and given the refusal to suspend rates, from the Popular Party we proposed that they at least lower the requirements established to access to aid so that they can reach more people ".

To this end, the Popular have also requested a personalized study for the compatibility of licenses for nightlife venues such as coffee shops. In this case, it turns out that many of these places requested their license in 2016 and to this day they have not yet resolved it.

From the Popular Party they emphasize that they have been "denouncing the total paralysis of the Urban Planning department, and this is just one more proof of it. Licenses presented four years ago that have not yet been resolved and the inability of the government team to manage and administer the city efficiently. Not all it is attributable to COVID. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 there were NO COVID, restrictions, confinements or curfew. And even so, they have not been able to resolve these licenses ".

In the spokesmen's meeting, in addition, the Popular Party has requested that, in the absence of a reduction, the IBI receipt remain intact for next year, without the percentage increases that are being applied annually. In this one case, the answer has been affirmative.

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