The General Structural Plan advances with a view to perpetuating tourism dependence

August 19 from 2020 - 09: 30

The ordinary Plenary of the month of August, which will be held on Thursday 27, will submit to a vote of the Corporation the exposure to the public of the proposed corrections to the document of the General Structural Plan of Dénia. These modifications, which were explained this week at a meeting of the plan's cabinet, where all the spokesmen of the political groups are represented, are the result of the contributions of the different sectorial reports, issued by competent supra-municipal bodies, demanded by the Ministry of Transition Ecological to overcome the environmental phase of the planning project.

The proposal for corrections, once approved by the Plenary, will be exposed to the public so that the public can argue.

Many of the modifications simply concern formal plan issues. Two new features do alter the content:
- On the one hand, part of the land initially classified as developable becomes tertiary for hotel use, a commitment to promote quality tourism in the city and a certain transformation in the predominant model of tourist accommodation. It is located in two spaces that may be developed in the future: the Fortín area and the Sant Pere azagador.
- Secondly, the educational reserve is increased to foresee, 20 years from now, the possible need for a new Infant and Primary center. And as for Secondary, the space provided to Burrows for a new institute is expanded.

As stated by the Territory Councilor, M. Josep Ripoll, "During the first half of 2021 we could already have the environmental declaration, the previous step to enter the last phase, the urban planning", which will lead to the final approval of the General Structural Plan.

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