The parchment Falla Pedrera can drink Paris

31 July 2014 - 10: 27

La Paris Falla Pedrera presented a few days what will be his parchment 2015, a novel and surprising parchment looking craftsmanship ago. This is beer White Rino, made in the Valencian population of L'Eliana.

Presentation parchment Paris Falla Pedrera

Its creators, Fabian Berzosa and Sergio Belinxon, have been working on the elaboration and distribution of this product for two years, whose raw materials they personally choose to produce six different types of beer.

Currently they have expanded their business by opening a restaurant with food of all kinds and sell their product through the social network Facebook internationally.

Beer White Rino it becomes in this way the peculiar parchment of the Falla Paris Pedrera. In their presentation, the charges of the fault, Irene González and Vicente Gómez, were accompanied by several falleros and representatives of other failures de la ciudad.

Presentation of the parchment of Paris Pedrera

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