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The landscape of La Marineta from today will feature a sculptural work by Toni Marí

22 June 2020 - 11: 30

La Marineta Beach Cassiana has a new watcher. The south jetty, at its entrance to Marina de Denia, has dawned with a sculpture representing a sunfish.

It is a work of the well-known sculptor, and neighbor of Xàbia, Toni Marí. With him, Marina de Dénia has a close relationship, having collaborated on different occasions as in the last Waterfront Sculptures. So much so that last February the decision was made to rename the Marina de Dénia gallery as the Toni Marí Art Gallery.

From now on, thanks to the collaboration of the Rotary Dénia Club, the work of the well-known sculptor will be part of the immortal landscape of the Dianense beach.

1 Comment
  1. Carol says:

    It is a HOPE.

    First, we are strangled by the pine forests, in the green areas, destroying our ENVIRONMENT, even in the Natural Park, covering the MONTGO by constructing too high and monstrous large buildings, next to the new institute, which should have been, green and residential areas.
    It's scary ... from the way of the Colony, you can see the tallest, most monstrous buildings, closer, weakening the environment of the Montgo Natural Park and its surroundings, forcing houses, to sell them and to leave them.
    Then they will be empty all year long and irreparably damaging the environment and natural beauty….

    Then on the Nautical Club promenade, statues and the only places to cross are installed, you stumble over them and cut off your path and VISUAL SPACE, so important and necessary.

    Now they cover, without authorization, with this figure, right next to where there is a sign forbidden to fish, because where it has been installed it is PUBLIC and the PUBLIC CANNOT BE TOUCHED, they take away the wonderful and spaced views WITHOUT OBSTACLES, that there are towards the sea.

    You are carrying the coast of these EXPERTS ...

    MONSTERS typical of HUGE URBES that have to serve, to place them in places that are horrible and beautify them a little, but NOT on the very first line of the sea ...
    If the person responsible for having installed it does not take charge of its transfer, we hope that the sea will be in charge of destroying it ... man's ambition has no limits ...

    Like the Neon lights that have been placed on the palm trees of that beautiful walk ...
    How can you be so tacky?

    What is more beautiful than NATURE itself as it is?
    Mr. don MONEY, that is the only answer ...

    Why do we have to place our footprint, spoiling everything, instead of leaving it as it is, not losing the magical charm of the environment in its surroundings?

    The distances between us, must be two meters minimum, on the Paseo de la Marina, taking away and cutting us off with two restaurants, "Buda and MalaVita", placing the tables below, instead of leaving only the upper part and each time stealing and taking over, without respect, the promenade, which should be exclusively PUBLIC DOMAIN and absolutely PEDESTRIAN and to WALK, NOT to do business, taking away that privileged space, the only one, on a high, so that it is not can not even walk or pass through it.

    What is happening at DENIA?

    Let's unite and DO NOT let these things happen for the good of all.

    Let them remove this sculpture and put it in a more discreet place and above all where our beautiful natural environment does not cover.

    That they remove ALL tables from the walk WITHOUT EXCEPTION and allow us to walk at ease.

    That they bring down the grotesque and enormous buildings that are being built next to the new Institute, that has been their price ... allowing a maximum height of two floors, small, widely spaced and interspersed by large public green areas with parking underneath, so as not to have to see the cars, which spoil the environment, the total visibility of the Montgo from any point and especially OFFICIAL PROTECTION, so that these homes can never be left empty.

    Although I repeat, they should be UNTOUCHABLE green areas, the limit is clearly marked by the TRAIN ROADS.
    Say they are made, unless they are, SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES, small, not even attached.
    As most of the MONTGO Natural Park is built.

    Let them take care of fixing it and cleaning their streets and highways.
    Placing sidewalks, planting trees on them, cleaning their streets, removing unusable mailboxes, putting metal containers, paving their streets, WITHOUT GAS, another danger that lurks in the MONTGO Natural Park.
    And without opening what has already been paved, which has cost us more than THIRTY YEARS to achieve.
    That they put more mounds, at least in main streets, such as Camí de Corral de Calafal and Sta Lucia, after passing school, etc. that they go at speeds that end up crashing the residents.
    Installing sidewalks where there are none, with bicycle lanes, electric public buses, etc.

    That excessively noisy motorcycles be prohibited and fined and requisitioned.

    That it is PROHIBITED TO BUILD, that they are not leaving, not even a square meter of natural green area.
    REHABILITATION should suffice.
    Have staff hired to do inspections.
    Now that urban planning is closed, they do not stop building WITHOUT and WITH LICENSES, huge houses and in places that should already be, more than protected ...
    That they go to WORK the big URBES, that everything is already a shame there ... or to the EMPTY EMPTY, building properly, here it is necessary to begin to throw and to requisition the non-habitable houses.
    A house has to be built, to inhabit it all year round, otherwise it must be requisitioned.
    You cannot consent, so much damage to the environment and so much ambition on the part of some subjects ...

    Tourism that comes to enjoy the surroundings,
    and not to destroy it.
    The one we need.


    Builders and gardeners etc. forcing them to buy MATERIAL WITHOUT DECIBELS or to be made by hand, since the houses are empty and we have to bear it and not be able to live, the residents who live all year round, have spent many years without having a minute of peace, waiting and fearing constantly, that at any time, come and break the silence ... robbing us of the peace and tranquility, which has by law throughout Europe, the vast environment of the Natural Parks.

    The WORK must be in 100% of the cases, NOT LOUD.

    Sanitation is enough, especially when it comes to having to endure the NOISES those of us who live here, those of us who live, those who have their homes empty.
    They are many years, without being able to have a minute of peace and tranquility.

    Dogs, well cared for without disturbing their endless barking for being left alone, or unattended, for not messing with their droppings and urine ...

    And those responsible for keeping DENIA clean and attended to without exception.
    That is enough for us.
    WE DO NOT NEED more growth.
    That the population is maintained.
    We do not want to have a large URBE in the future and that this resembles a GANDIA BENIDORM or CALPE ...
    We want quality TOURISM and that they do not leave a mark.

    I hope this fight for the improvement of Denia is considered, which is to keep it as it is, without additions.

    A greeting.

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