The Orfeó de Dénia celebrates its 40 years with an emotional concert that united several generations of choristers

May 22 from 2023 - 09: 47

In 1983 the first rehearsals and concerts of a recently created choir were held in the city. Now, 40 years later, the Orfeó de Dénia is one of the most established and experienced musical groups in the municipality, where countless choristers have passed, giving free rein to their fans on stages throughout the Valencian Community. Among these performances, one of the most important at a local level is the Spring one, held last Saturday coinciding with said 40th anniversary, for which an emotional concert was performed that will remain for the memory.

This Saturday, on the stage of the Social Center of Dénia, at 20:00, more than a concert was held. It was quite an event. The Orfeó was celebrating its 40th anniversary, and for that reason it brought together a large number of current and former members, who joined in choir to perform a repertoire that ranged from the usual traditional songs, to more modern and pop songs, such as an animated Yellow Submarine in which the public collaborated with clapping.

Everything under the baton of the current director, Klára Sarkadi, who picked up the baton, some time ago, of those who took charge of the Orfeó de Dénia all these years: Joaquín Boscá, Josep Sendra, Vicente Ballester, Pepa Álvarez and Javier Piera. As for the members, there are innumerable generations that have passed through the ranks of the group, but many of those who had withdrawn from the stage decided to get on once again to sing along with the current lineup throughout the second part of the concert. A tremendous half that mixed songs from different genres and eras, culminating in the always bristling Montgó vell by Paco Muñoz who earned an ovation from all those present.

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