Leisure, the "unfinished business" for tourism in Dénia

08 September 2014 - 10: 51

After the peak of tourist influx in the city of Dénia, both the tourism department and local businesses they have assessed the data collected during the months of July and August in the municipality.

The councilor of the area, Pepa Font, And the president of AEHTMA, Cristina Sellés, agreed that the joint commitment to increase quality, adjust prices and design new proposals has favored an increase in total visitors compared to 2013.

Cristina Sellés and Pepa Font

Councilwoman highlighted the July and August data-a 80 91% and% average occupancy respectively and said the crisis "It has made us sharpen the ingenuity and propose proposals of greater content, quality and quantity". Among other bets, the councilor highlighted the commitment to cultural heritage. And the fact is that the guided tours inside the castle have exceeded all expectations and double the figures registered in 2013. In sports, the sports offer in the beaches, expanded this summer and which has been widely accepted, exceeding 6.000 users of the activity.

Still, the president said Aehtma "This has been good in terms of occupation but below our expectations in other parameters such as average spending per tourist", A fact that the president attributed to the fact that "The improvement of macroeconomic data has not yet reached Spanish families".

Leisure, unfinished

Leisure is still a "pending subject", Because although some areas of the city have had a good influx of customers, "there is still an important exodus of young people to other populations".

Cristina Sellés there continues to deficiencies in infrastructure, and announced that his company is studying proposals for improvement that will raise the town hall.

Also this year the holidays have been conditioned with the beginning of the school year, much earlier than other years, which has contributed to improving family tourism figures "Since they have made the summer season very short."

  1. Carlos says:

    I do not know if the City conducts surveys among tourists who come to our city. We turned to the beach Las Marinas and hear the comments people make, leisure theme is not mentioned as a fundamental lack of Denia. Yes you hear about the state of the beaches, dirt thereof, of the lack of collection bins and foul odors that often have to endure.
    Anyone may have noticed that foreign tourists who years ago had a component of British and German presence has now been replaced by tourism French and Italian nationality and it is obvious what the economic powers other than those indicated nationalities.
    If you really do not take seriously that people want to be on clean beaches, they like to walk on boardwalks similar to that of Las Rotas (when Denia is fortunate to have a Marine with Kmts coast), who likes to sit in the bars of the beaches and not only in mass Marqués de Campo, I wish I could go to a center for recreational activities (movies, games, restaurants, ...) If these investments are not rushing ... the economic quality of domestic tourism in Denia it will remain the same (great use of supermecados) regardless of the economy and families.

    • Wickie says:

      I completely agree with you, Carlos.
      Especially the beach theme Las Marinas I find amazing. What a shortsighted by the municipal authorities leave such a potentially attractive beach in such a marginal situation!
      It would be very interesting to seriously undertake an infrastructure project, a promenade in good condition (it doesn't have to be as luxurious as the one in Benidorm or Cullera, but neither the “cutreziness” they have done with four wooden boards) on the beach of Las Marinas, at least to the wonderful Les Basettes park, totally underused.
      How many cars from surrounding developments stay in their own parking lots, encouraged their owners to walk to the center of Denia by a beautiful promenade, which would mean decongestion of traffic in the city!

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