The new harbor promenade begins to see the light

05 June 2014 - 12: 22

Although the works were planned for late last year, was this week when they have begun the demolition of which was for many years the Maritime station de Baleària, in which passengers had access to the ticket offices and waiting rooms of the ships bound for the Balearic Islands.

Pull down the old station of Balearia

The machines have already demolished part of the building, which will be removed in its entirety to make way for the new promenade of the port of Dénia, a pedestrian promenade that will connect this part of the port with the raset.

The main objective of this intervention is to continue the progressive modernization that is being imposed on the harbor, recovering unit area from the edge of the road to the sea.

With these works is intended to give priority to pedestrians and to value the fish market, improving access and linking it to walk.

The parking be located next to road traffic and mark the separation of pedestrian areas and road traffic also unifying the asphalt pavement. Bicycles, meanwhile, will have a path parallel to the road to avoid crossing with pedestrians.

The walk will feature small wooded masses formed by tamarinds, lagunarias, Aleppo pines and palm trees provide shade along the promenade in strategically chosen locations.

The lighting will focus on four points, with galvanized poles with adjustable spots located within the walk but far from the sea. It will be soft lighting in the pedestrian area that will not disturb or dazzle moored boats. The walk will also include a lighted bollards, which also play a role in protection against pedestrian traffic.

The first section of the works, from the old building of Baleària up to the auction, will be carried out by the company Varadero Port Dénia, which currently manages the moorings of the yachts of the port, in an estimated time of four months. The second section will be carried out by the company Marina El Portet Dénia, in charge of the exploitation of the "El Portet" area, and it is estimated that it will take two months to carry it out.

The Councilor for Infrastructure, Isabel Bonig, announced that work will begin in September and will be completed before the end of the year.

  1. Carlos says:

    All well but as no paint will prevent banks always classic hooligans

  2. Enrique Miquel says:

    It is true what CARLOS says, an ideal place for the Information and Tourism Office. (The old fish market)

  3. antonia says:

    I share everything with Benet, Juan and Vallalta. Palm trees and then not remove brown leaves when they are high is an ugly landscape, but with trees and benches remained true all better ..

  4. Joseph says:

    wooded masses formed by tamarinds, lagunarias, Aleppo pines and palms ... that it says written above.

  5. Carlos says:

    And when the tourist information office in the old fish market,

  6. Enrique Miquel says:

    Benet share, which put banks, please, cheap and very useful they are.

  7. Juan says:

    According to previous comments ...
    Vale palm trees give it that exotic touch but we want to give good shade trees because to fry an egg and I do in my house. I believe that trees never too and all the greener is better for us that we breathe that air. Jávea has become a kind of Garden City by walk and you'll quickly Denia; Cement City.
    So they may well prioritize those other tree species listed in the article.
    And with the debris, could be used as VALLALTA said to be filling the gap now filled with water between the ramps of the slipway old, the collector output of Joan Fuster and Yacht Club because I guess that sooner or later will have to ... And to fill the ramp there.

  8. vallalta says:

    Whoever corresponds,

    With debris from the Estacion Maritima you could make the ramp is asking citizens of Denia, and the Association of USERS AMARRES PUBLICOS to beaching their boats and jet skis of tourists and vacationers, and not have to pay private companies they are making use of public port.

    more comments allowed ,,,,

  9. Benet says:

    What mania put palmeras¡. They are very expensive, no shade and good food for the red palm weevil, so sick. And if not, at the same time. Why they have not thought about putting banks? At least in writing no reference of it is given. There are very few banks in Denia. And if not, a den Jávea around and see the difference. There if they think citizens. To see these talking heads, reflexionen¡ ...

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